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College mission


Organization of the educational process at a high level, providing training for competitive, qualified specialists in technical and professional work, who have mastered professional competencies in a high-quality manner, meeting the requirements of modern industrial and innovative development, social partners and employers achieving high places in the regional and republican ranking of colleges.


– Continuous improvement and updating of the content of curricula and programs for specialties and qualifications in accordance with the requirements of industrial and innovative development, as well as applications from social partners and employers;

– Introduction of technological and technological achievements, modern methods of production organization, advanced experience of the dual training system into the educational process.

– Formation of a team of highly qualified teachers, continuous improvement of the quality composition. Moral and material stimulation of advanced pedagogical experience and work of the best teachers;

– Constant updating and strengthening the material and technical equipment of classrooms and laboratories, increasing the level of educational and methodical work;

– Strengthening the relationship of the college with social partners – the bases of production practices, the phased implementation of the dual training system in all specialties;

– Introduction into the educational process and mastering the requirements of international standards “WorldSkills”;

– Opening of specialties in accordance with the needs of the republic and the region in personnel;

– Encouragement of the best students and study groups, organization of excursions to the cities of Nur-Sultan, Almaty, Turkestan at the end of the school year, promotion of the full employment of graduates;

– The formation of highly intellectual personalities with a broad outlook, able to find their place in society;

– Education of students in the national idea of ​​”Mangilik El”, the formation in them of a sense of civic responsibility, patriotism and tolerance.

– Advocacy and implementation of advanced scientific, technical and economic knowledge, increasing the role of technical creativity, invention and rationalization in the educational process, the formation of creative thinking among young people.

– The formation of students’ personal qualities such as honesty, decency, respect for elders, friendliness and sociability in the educational process.


Social partner

Отель Rixos Khadisha Shymkent
ТОО "Оңтүстік Құрылыс Сервис"
ТОО "Мұнай Құрылыс Сервис"
ТОО «Стандарт Цемент»

How can we be found?

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